Aww? [ Fenrir ]

Friends' Only Back Entries.

Beyond this point, all of my entries are Friends Only. If I seem interesting enough to you, feel free to add me. I'll add you back... unless there's something horribly offensive that I've discovered about you ( right away ) or if we have absolutely nothing in common.

I comment as often as I can, but can't always. Sometimes I just don't get a chance, sometimes I have nothing to say, and sometimes what I do have to say / would have said has already been said.

Please DO NOT add me if you're just going to take me off. I highly dislike that. I also am not a fan of people who will have me "comment to stay." If this comes up, I more than likely will not comment so don't take it personally.

Also, if you like quizzes and memes, use a damn lj-cut! We have them for a reason! Thanks.

Okay, that's it! Happy livejournaling!

~ Kym